Report forecasts exponential growth in population health management


With Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit and the development of ‘Haven’ by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J P Morgan, never has the issue of population health management been so prominent. LaingBuisson has published the first edition of its Population Health Management Global Market Report in partnership with McGrigor Group, leading experts in global health insurance and health management services.

The report is vital reading to governments, corporates, health and life insurers and re-insurers, healthcare providers, employers and other payers involved in this dynamic, evolving market and offers solutions and lessons learned from the first 30 years of the development of healthcare management programmes. Key topics covered by the report include:

  •  The looming global health crisis presented by ageing populations and the rise in chronic diseases. 
  • The evolution of population health management over the past 30 years, mainly in the US and accelerated by the Affordable Care Act, together with techniques from elsewhere in the world. 
  • The case for population health management when considered in terms of return on investment and value on investment. 
  • The top 10 best practice lessons for successful population health management. 
  •  The role of data and technology in enabling population health management to be offered on a larger scale and how this will integrate with telehealth, e-mobile approaches, big data, wearables and new sensor technology. 
  • The role the supply-side companies in population health management are playing in catalysing the adoption of population health management, and the effect it will ultimately have in making this an individually-led industry. 
  • The opportunities for future growth, led by the US in the short term, but also anticipated in Europe, Middle East and Latin America during a period where the global market is forecast to grow by 12% pa (2015-2025).

James McGrigor, report author and Managing Director of McGrigor Group said:

“The direction of travel in population health management points to annual growth of around 12% per annum, resulting in the global market almost trebling in the 10 years between 2015 and 2025 to a value of US$110 billion by 2025. The opportunity is tremendous as governments, and also corporates, health and life insurers and re-insurers and healthcare providers around the world grapple with rising demand for healthcare while at the same time needing to seriously contain costs. While governments have come rather later to the party than corporates, providers and insurers, their engagement will be a key driver for growth. As country-wide solutions are sought, it will be important to keep in mind the lessons of earlier work, in particular that buy-in from individuals and getting programme design right are key. The contribution of well managed data and technology will underpin this.”



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