Risks and Challenges in Medical Tourism: Understanding the Global Market for Health Services


This timely and informative handbook looks at medical tourism from the perspective of some of the major regions that send and receive medical tourists, including the United States, the European Union, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Contributors examine how government agencies, medical tourism companies, international hospital chains, and other organizations promote medical tourism and the globalization of health care. The topics explored include the legal remedies available to medical tourists when procedures go awry; potential consequences when patients cross borders for medical procedures that are illegal in their home countries; the relationship of medical tourism to international spread of infectious disease; and the lack of adequate transnational policies and regulations governing the global market for health services. Resource type Book Where can I get this publication? Praeger Publishing details Author: J.R. Hodges, L. Turner and A.M. Kimball Publisher: Praeger Country: United States of America



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