UK Private Healthcare Pricing Report 2017


How competitive is your pricing for medical tourists?

There is no doubt that one of the key drivers for medical tourism is cost. But, do you know how competitive your prices are? When additional costs such as travel and accommodation are factored in, how low does your price need to be to attract medical tourists?

A comprehensive analysis of UK prices

At Intuition, publishers of Treatment Abroad, IMTJ and Private Healthcare UK, we’ve completed a comprehensive survey of pricing in the UK’s private healthcare sector. We’ve collected and analysed around 9,500 prices for surgery, scans and investigations from the UK’s private hospitals and clinics. The analysis tells you the highest, lowest, average and median prices for around 150 procedures, ranging from an MRI scan to hip and knee replacements to cosmetic surgery. (Note: The analysis does not cover dental treatment).

If you’re targeting UK medical tourists, this new report is an essential tool to guide your pricing policy.

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