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Latest news and opinion

  • JCI accredits telehealth

    Joint Commission International has launched the JCI Telehealth Certification Programme as an extra, only for existing accredited JCI hospitals. The JCI recognises that patients worldwide began to use telehealth services at much higher rates during […]

  • Global travel trends 2023

    Tourism is set to return to pre-pandemic levels in some regions in 2023. “Will medical tourism follow?”, asks IMTJ analyst Ian Youngman. After stronger than expected recovery in 2022, 2023 could see international tourism arrivals return to […]

  • Mexico targets medical travellers with new hospitals

    Mexico is opening new hospitals and wellness centres to target inbound medical tourism that is expected to grow in 2023. Mexico has great expectations for the growth of medical tourism in 2023. The Federal Ministry of Tourism is optimistic about the […]

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