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Inbound medical tourism 2019 47,700
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Tourists 2019 6.4 million
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Population 2021 10.96 million
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For a small island, healthcare can be surprisingly sophisticated, including the latest laser surgery. There are major international hospitals only in the capital, Santo Domingo and Santiago. These hospitals have the latest equipment and top medical professionals. They have private facilities.


Medical tourism numbers in

Dominican Health Tourism Association claims 47,700 medical tourists and 69,000 tourists were assisted by tourist medicine in 2019.   The figures are 47,700 in 2018 and 41,500 in 2017 and these figures do not include wellness tourists.


Medical tourism numbers out

An increasing but unknown number of well-off people from the country travel for medical treatment.


Medical tourism promotion

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association is partnering with hoteliers and tourism partners in the Dominican Republic. A tourism information centre planned by the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants in the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), will share with CHTA and its members research on tourism’s broad economic impact and links to various industries and areas of economic activity in the country. Recognising the potential for the region to further develop health and medical tourism, CHTA and ASONAHORES agree to develop a strategy for the development of medical tourism in the region.

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