Blumental Clinic

Clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia

Blumental Clinic in Bratislava is Slovakia`s first specialist clinic for the treatment of varicose veins. Staffed by three experienced surgeons, MUDr. Vladimir Kovacs, MUDr. Renata Talapkova and MUDr. Lenka Bajuzikova, the clinic offers a wide range of surgical and cosmetic veins treatments including Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLA), cosmetic laser treatment of spider and reticular veins, mini phlebectomy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and venous assessment. All treatments are carried out on a walk-in, walk-out basis.

Blumental Clinic is a modern facility equipped with the latest technology including, uniquely in Slovakia, CRYOLASER QUANTA Light C. EVLT is carried out using LASOTRONIX Smart M laser technology, which uses significantly lower doses of energy compared to older systems, minimising the risk of side effects and guaranteeing shorter recovery times. Fully digital, ultrasound mapping by means of the Canon XARIO 100 MxUSG system ensures precision exploration of the affected vein.

Blumental Clinic welcome international patients and are committed to providing high quality, personalised care at transparent and affordable prices. An exact, no obligation, quote for treatment is provided by the specialist at initial consultation based individual need.

Treatments provided

  • Cosmetic surgery

    Treatment Price
    Varicose vein removal (Phlebectomy) - prices from £690
    Varicose veins ablation - one leg - prices from £1,160
    Varicose veins laser treatment (EVLA) - prices from £1,160
    Varicose veins ablation - both legs - prices from £2,320
    Varicose veins surgery (one leg) Price not provided
    Varicose veins - surgery (both legs) Price not provided
  • Elective surgery

  • General surgery



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Blumental Clinic

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