Hotel Murter

Spa in Murter, Croatia

Hotel Mutur is a family-owned hotel ran by two brothers and located in the village of Murtur in Croatia. They offer a specialist physical therapy program which involves spinal stretching using an extension machine and spinal lifting.

At the hotel is the Nado Health Center where visitors can receive treatment from expert staff. They offer examinations, spinal decompression therapy, infrared radiation, electrotherapy, magnet therapy, ultrasound therapy. Shortwave diathermy, laser therapy customised spinal strength and conditioning exercises, cryotherapy, medical massages, hot stone massages and Vibro Former massage therapy. They also boast state-of-the-art equipment such as saunas, therapy tables and the latest therapeutic devices.

The family which run the hotel also own an estate on the island of Žut in Babin bok bay. The estate has a private beach, pier, and olive orchard. Visitors to the hotel can have excursions to the farm, which is offered on a complimentary basis if the stay has lasted for more than two weeks.

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  • Sports injury treatment

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Hotel Murter

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