Air Alliance Medflight Air ambulance service in Burbach, Germany

With bases in Germany and branch offices in the UK and Austria, Air Alliance Medflight is an established family owned air ambulance operator.

Running a meticulously maintained fleet of 14 aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care technology, they organise and provide end-to-end care for injured and critically ill patients anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive range of air ambulance services is available including basic and advanced life support for critically ill adults, medical transfer of small children and newly born babies, transfer and care of patients on assist devices/ECMO, and transfer and care of bariatric patients.

Air Alliance carry out some 800 missions in at least 100 countries each year, giving their flight teams experience of the full range of weather and airport conditions. In addition, their Captains and First Officers have several thousand hours of flight experience and undertake regular training sessions on the flight simulator.

Provided by Air Alliance’s cooperation partner MedCareProfessional, the medical team on board an Air Alliance Medflight comprises an emergency doctor supported by an intensive care nurse or paramedic. The interdisciplinary, multilingual teams are accredited according to EURAMI and DIN EN ISO standards and undergo continuous medical education training to keep them fully abreast of the latest developments in transport medicine.

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Air ambulance service


Siegerland Airport

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