Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster Medical tourism association/cluster, Croatia

Based in Croatia, the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster gathers the leading public and private hospital, clinics and tourism boards in hopes to highlight the region’s high quality services in health tourism.

They aim to establish the Kvarner region as a leading healthcare destination, therefore facilitate the development of the health tourism industry, in order to encourage inbound medical tourism to the region.

The Kvarner region offers a unique combination of beautiful islands, beaches, mountains and top medical facilities that makes it a perfect location for patients seeking medical treatment. The Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster works with a number of hotels and tourist agencies throughout the region, to support the development of the medical and health tourism industry and to enhance the patient experience.

The cluster recently won the award for Health and Medical Tourism Cluster of the Year at the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, in recognition of its management and organisation of health tourism organisations under its umbrella. The region is recognizable for its year-round offer of high-quality services in health tourism and beautiful landscapes.

Kvarner Health has been selected by IMTJ as the host destination for the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit, taking place in Opatija, Croatia on April 24-27, 2017.

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