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QHA Trent is a UK-based independent holistic accreditation scheme with a worldwide vision. It is dedicated to improving quality and reducing risk for patients, healthcare providers and the general public.

QHA is owned and managed by a group of acknowledged clinicians and other experts who are actively working within the British National Health Service (NHS) and in British private medical practice. It values professionalism and commitment to service above all else, and in this way QHA ensures that patients are put first, as they should be. Quality, innovation and providing genuine value for money are all very important to QHA.

QHA has considerable and long-standing expertise in a wide range of healthcare fields deeply embedded into its DNA, especially in the field of independent hospital and clinic accreditation. It is owned and run by a group of senior doctors and healthcare executives. Between them they possess a formidable collective track record both in the UK’s NHS and the private healthcare sector – not just in the field of healthcare accreditation but well beyond.

The history behind QHA

QHA: “Quality Healthcare Advice” first opened its doors for business in 2010. It was formed after the NHS-based organisation Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS) made the decision to withdraw from all hospital accreditation-related activities. There was a considerable pool of talent, expertise, experience and enthusiasm in existence just waiting to be drawn upon from the surveyors that used to work for this company. The professionals who decided to form QHA felt the work of surveying hospitals and clinics to be highly worthwhile and important.

Services provided by QHA

QHA is able to provide a wide variety of services within the world of healthcare, including…

  • Surveying and accreditation for hospitals and clinics located anywhere in the world, as “QHA Trent”
  • Expert advice and assistance with the preparation journey for accreditation
  • Expert consultancy services over a very wide range of areas
  • Special expertise in the field of medical tourism, travel health, medical management and assisted conception
  • Education, training and continuing professional development (CPD) services
  • Networking
  • Leadership

Why employ the services of QHA?

An external eye can be very helpful when it comes to uncovering problems and concerns within a hospital or clinic and correcting them. The best disinfectant for problems and concerns is to cast light upon them. Problems and concerns can not only discomfit patients, third party payers and regulatory authorities but can also cost a healthcare provider or a doctor money, for example if a disatisfied patient were to take legal action. Also, hospitals and clinics may wish to have external verification of their commitment to quality, for example to assist them with their marketing.

How are the charges calculated for a QHA Trent survey?

When surveying a hospital or a clinic with beds, the charges incurred take into account a number of factors, including:

  • the number of beds in the hospital or
  • the number of surveyors needed and the number of days the survey will take (which, in turn, are based on the size of the hospital)
  • public versus private ownership of the hospital
  • any optional services requested

Prices for working with clinics without beds will be subject to a different scale of fees.

The QHA team are happy to discuss your interests and needs with you, and can offer a no obligation quote if you contact them.

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