Stackpole & Associates Medical travel consultant/advisor in Newport, USA

Established in 1991, Stackpole & Associates, Inc. is a USA-based consultancy that provides marketing, market research and organisational development advice to clients in the area of medical tourism, including governments, care providers, associations and facilitators. Their clients include healthcare, human services and senior living organisations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

With over 40 years’ experience in marketing, Irving Stackpole leads a team of uniquely qualified consultants, each with their own skill and specialisation. They help medical tourism clients to find the right customers in the best source markets and provide evidence-based answers to important marketing questions, such as: ‘What services and supports systems need to be in place for health and wellness tourists?’; ‘Where are international medical travellers most likely to be found?’; ‘How can we position and brand our services?’; and ‘How can we build referral flow to support healthcare for foreign visitors?’.

A series of free presentations on how to succeed in the medical tourism market is available on the Stackpole & Associates, Inc. website.

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Medical travel consultant/advisor


29 Touro Street
Rhode Island

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