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  • Egypt & Philippines: Middle East’s New Health Hubs

    Egypt and the Philippines are leveraging their unique resources to strengthen their positions in the medical tourism landscape. In Egypt, Safaga, a Red Sea resort town, is drawing attention with its natural healing resources. The high salinity of […]

  • Dubai Leads, Industry Innovates

    Dubai is making strides as a global hub for medical tourism. In 2022, the city welcomed 674,000 medical tourists who spent Dh992 million, a significant increase from the previous year. The majority of tourists came from Asia, accounting for 39% of […]

  • Mexico: 16 Health Tourism Seals awarded

    Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) has awarded Health Tourism Seals to 16 tourism service providers who have successfully implemented and complied with the government’s Quality Standard for Specialised Segments. The Health Tourism Seal […]

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