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For many medical travellers, the first point of contact with a hospital or clinic is often a web site. And since many of them are seeking healthcare providers where communication in the English language is important, the web site can be an important factor in patient choice. A site that has been written in poor English reflects badly on you and the service that you offer and can discourage potential patients.

So... how well written is the English version of your medical travel web site?

Would it benefit from being reviewed by a native English speaker and copy writer?

Treatment Abroad has launched a low cost “Perfect English” service for healthcare providers who want to improve web sites targeted at US and UK medical tourists, and other English language speakers. Our “Perfect English” team provides a review of the English version of your site and gives you a version re-written in “perfect English”.

The team has extensive experience of producing “perfect English”; they are based in Brussels, Belgium and support many European Union politicians and officials with translation and improving the English versions of EU materials.

What does it cost

The costs of improving your web site are remarkably low. Depending on the degree of editing required, the rate varies from £30 to £60 per thousand words.

So, let’s say you have a 20 page web site with 500 words per page (10,000 words in total), the cost for re-writing the content in perfect English, could be as low as £300.

Who to contact?

If you want to know more about the Treatment Abroad Perfect English service, complete the Treatment Abroad enquiry form.

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